The WM20 is a compact and economical electrical rotating slip ring, standard model is composed of 3 wires for power transmission and 2 for signal/data channel.
Thanks to the innovative material of the sliding contacts this slip ring requires extremely low maintenance operation and ensures a long service life.
Its design guarantees an IP64 standard protection level, this characteristic makes it suitable for hard-working environments.

Technical specifications

ModelRings N° Current AmpMAX RPMHole mm
WM20-23132V1005aus 3x2 (48V)pot 2x16 (240V)50020
WM20-22132V1004aus 2x2 (48V)pot 2x16 (240V)50020


• Maintenance cycles only every 100 million revolution
• Easy cleaning
• High protection level IP64
• Suitable for PT100 signal and TCJ signal
• Service life:500 millions revolution.

Data sheet

Download the data sheet



• Packaging machinery
• Wrapping machinery

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