Capsule rotating slip ring useful in every application where mercury is non allowed.
Its small dimentions makes it suitable where small dimensions, and FASTON connection are required.

Technical specifications

ModelWays NumberSignal waysPower waysRPM max
HM032-5-GZ53 x 5 Amp2 x 20 Amp400


  • Insulation resistance >1000mΩ / 800VDC
  • Dielectric strength >1000VAC at 50Hz,60s
  • Dynamic resistance <20mΩ
  • Silver alloy contact
  • Casing material: Aluminum alloy
  • Standard degree of protection: IP65

Data sheet

Download the data sheet



  • Machine con lettura di temperature
  • Imballaggio e packaging
  • Saldatura in linea
  • Macchine da taglio a caldo
  • Stampa su plastica

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