Multidirectional fluidic joint

Multidirectional fluidic joint

Multidirectional series, the number of ways varies according to customer needs, as well as the connections (threads, flange dimensions) and construction materials. Available from 2 to 9 ways, from 1/8 “to 3”. Axiality and accuracy are guaranteed by ball bearings.

Technical specifications

Max water pressure, hydr oil, air: 350 bars

Max water temperature, hydr oil, air: 120 ° C


  • Customized design based on needs
  • Self-support with two ball bearings
  • Materials based on any request
  • Number of ways from 2 to 9
  • Sizes from 1/8 “to 3” gas
  • Adaptability with electric manifolds
  • Stainless steel

Data sheet

Download the data sheetScarica la scheda tecnica del prodotto


These joints find application on various fields, for example:

  • Control of pnumatic (air) or hydraulic (oil) rotating cylinders
  • Multi-position positioning tables
  • Cylinder cooling

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